Hard Skills

Languages and frameworks
  • Web development: PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Python
  • Java
  • C
  • Assembly

Tools and softwares

  • Web development: WordPress, Joomla, Google Analytics
  • Databases: MySql, PostreSQL
  • Development: Git, Github, Heroku, Shippable
  • Network: Cisco Packet Tracer, Cisco Meraki
  • Media tools: GIMP

Soft Skills

Due to my experiences as development delegate in Red Cross organization (Lodi department) I’ve learned and practiced good organization skills and quite good team buiding skills.

As a scout group’s member (and also leader),  I’ve developed very good relational skills, team working and team leading abilities.


   Native language

   PET – (2012) License #00344516322
   University placement test: English B2

   Quite good reading, speaking and listening (scholastic level)