How to install hplip on Ubuntu 20.04

If you are here, you probably tried to install hplip without succeeding. The installation of hplip on Ubuntu 20.04 is quite hard due to the old library pyqt5 used by standard hplip package.

Anyway if you pay attention, on the developer website, there’s a section named “Advanced Option” that could help you.

Let’s try with the installation.

First of all you have to remove and purge the hplip package already installed on your system.

Then let’s install the following package:

$ sudo apt install python-dev-is-python3/focal 

Then download the hplip tar package from here or run:

$ wget

Untar it, jump into the directory and run:

$ ./hplip-install

Follow the most appropriate wizard and be patient…pay attention to each installation step and read carefully what the wizard is saying…if you face some exceptions (network or gui exceptions) please retry the command.

At the end of the wizard if you don’t find any problem the package has been installed.

Afterwards you are asked to setup the printer with the desired connection method: follow the wizard till the end. If the process fails somewhere you don’t have to reinstall the hplip package but run:

$ hp-setup

To scan a document you have to run

$ hp-scan

A window will be promped up asking for the driver installation.

Please follow the wizard and be patient….if the process fails restart it with the same command. At the end rerun the previous command and you will be ready to scan.

If you find any other problem please share it here.

HaPpy scanning!

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