Awesome things to do with a VPS

You bought a VPS and you want to boost it? Here is an interesting list of things you can do!

  1. Publish your personal website (blog or your CV).
    Apache and WordPress is a perfect duo.
  2. Setup a mail server with Dovecot and Postfix (part1, part2).
    Access your mail from browser using Roundcube
  3. Run a private cloud.
    Nextcloud is not just a storage cloud but a powerful system with nice apps to install (bookmarks, notes, talk and chat, media streaming etc…)
  4. Continuous integration and delivery: you can build your own apps with Maven or Gradle and If you are a CI&CD addicted there is only one solution: Jenkins to “Build great things at any scale
  5. Maven central or Gradle repo? Nah, it’s absolutely better a self-hosted artifact repository like Nexus
  6. Deploy your Telegram bots. Here an introduction
  7. Get your url shorter with URLHum: a simple PHP url shortener for everyday life
  8. Web scraping and notification system: are you interested in updates from a specific website? Scrape it and get notified! Python guide
  9. Interested in knowing when a website is down? Build your own notification system or run Huggin
  10. Cronjobs for everything: your crontab has super powers, use them!
  11. Boosted gaming with TeamSpeak: stay in contact with other players
  12. Run a personal git server with Gitlab or Gogs (lighter then Gitlab)

If you are considering a VPS, a good choice is Contabo VPS

You can find other software at this Github repo:


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