Awesome things to do with a VPS

You bought a VPS and you want to give magic powers to it? Here is an interesting list of things you can do!

  1. Publish your personal website (blog or your CV).
    Apache and WordPress is a perfect duo.
  2. Setup a mail server with Dovecot and Postfix (part1, part2).
    Access your mail from browser using Roundcube
  3. Run a private cloud.
    Nextcloud is not just a storage cloud but a powerful system with nice apps to install (bookmarks, notes, talk and chat, media streaming etc…)
  4. Continuous integration and delivery: you can build your own apps with Maven or Gradle and If you are a CI&CD addicted there is only one solution: Jenkins to “Build great things at any scale
  5. Maven central or Gradle repo? Nah, it’s absolutely better a self-hosted artifact repository like Nexus
  6. Telegram bot runner: deploy your TG bots. Here an introduction
  7. Get your url shorter with URLHum: a simple PHP url shortener for everyday life
  8. Web scraping and notification system: are you interested in updates from a specific website? Scrape it and get notified! Python guide
  9. Interested to know when a website you manage is down…build your own notification system or run Huggin
  10. Cronjobs for everything: your crontab has super powers, don’t ignore them
  11. Boosted gaming with TeamSpeak: stay in contact with other players
  12. Run a personal git server with Gitlab or Gogs (lighter then Gitlab)

If you are considering a VPS, a good choice is OVH VPS

You can find other software at this Github repo:


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