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Update – July 2020

Github recently added a badge on Github profiles that contributed to the code vault. You can find it on your account main page under the personal information.

How many repositories of yours have been put into the code vault???

Svalbard, an awesome place at the end of the world, where time stops and the nights are long.

Here, in the deep of permafrost, there’s a huge and safe vault where thousands of seeds are stored to be protected from extinction, from catastrophes and from the human hand.

It’s the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a safety place for the future of humans survival. This vault is part of a bigger project: the Artic World Archive.

But are these seeds the only thing to protect along the next hundreds or thousands years? Maybe not.

An awesome project has started with an absolutely honorable goal: store the open source projects in this artic vault and let it accessible for the future generations over the next 1.000 years.

No, it’s not a joke, Github will store your public code in a very small fragment of special paper and it will be placed there for the next generations.

All the public repositories on Github for active projects will be snapshotted (ref to HEAD of default branch), compressed and stored.

Check out the Github Archive Program. The deadline is 02/02/2020.

Don’t waste your time and code now!

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