HP printer and scanner on Linux

Checkout hplip installation on Ubuntu 20.04

I think that HP devices like printers and scanners are very good products, well designed and easy to use. Anyway if you buy a HP products you would also like to connect it to your Linux OS. HP usually release software to accomplish this task. There are several command to be executed to install everything.

First of all we have to download the hplip tool from the HP developer website https://developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing/gethplip .

Simply select your distro version and click on “Download HP” and the download will start in a new page.

After this we have to run the “.run” installer with these commands:

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ chmod +x ./hplip-xxxxx.run
$ ./hplip-xxxxx.run

If you had already an old installation, you will be promped to remove the old one and proceed with the new one. During the installation you can simply press “Enter” to select the default options.

If everything stops correctly, we are now able to add our HP device by running the following command:

$ hp-setup

Follow the instructions to add your device using wi-fi or cabled connection. You can choose also to use the GUI view or install it via interactive mode (terminal).

After this, we have the last operation to be done. Go to this repository and download the correct version of plugins (hplip-xxxxx-plugin.run) and install them:

$ chmod +x ./hplip-xxxxx-plugin.run
$ ./hplip-xxxxx-plugin.run

If everything terminates without any error, you will find the “hp” icon in your applications menu and you will be able to print and scan your files.

If after login into your account you face the following problem:

you can simply remove “hplip-systray.desktop” from /etc/xdg/autostart .

Are you instead facing any other problem?? Share it!

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